Guide to Spending a Good Time with Brisbane Strippers

If you’re planning to hire Brisbane strippers for a stag party or to watch them in their natural environment (hey, isn’t it wild in a strip club?), you should be mindful of how to treat them the way they want to be treated. And no, you don’t get to break the rules simply because you’re paying for their services.

Do you want to get far with them and to maximize your investment for the night?

Remember these rules:

Never touch without permission

Touching Brisbane strippers may be allowed in some strip clubs, but you still need to ask for their consent. The same is true if they’re performing at private parties. If you mind being groped without your consent, so would they.

And even if she gets to touch you while giving a lap dance, you still need to ask if you can do the same. Giving a generous tip while you negotiate the touching boundaries could buy you a bit of freedom to do more than just watch and drool.

Of course, if a dancer allows you to touch her freely to encourage more tips, then knock yourself out.

Be generous with your tips

The more tips you give, the more money a stripper makes. So, give more than just the minimum.

The right way to tip is to do it early on in the performance to show your appreciation and to fuel their enthusiasm and energy. It is also recommended that you break up tips into smaller amounts and distribute them throughout the performance, rather than give the full amount at the beginning or end.

How generous should you be with your tips?

Decide on the maximum amount you want to spend on tips alone and make it last throughout your stay in a strip club or over the course of a private party. If you favour multiple Brisbane strippers, you need to tip more. So, set a tipping budget for that too.

Learn how to talk to strippers

If your no smooth talker, don’t worry. You can learn how to chat with strippers without breaking into sweat or feeling awkward.

Remember one important rule: Don’t be crude and rude.

A lot of club patrons conveniently forget that strippers are people with feelings and emotions too. Not only do they objectify them, but also disrespect them by throwing names and cussing. Well, disrespect is sure to get you somewhere–out the door.

The best way to have a conversation with strippers?

  • Make regular conversation like you would anyone else.
  • Avoid talking dirty or making insinuations about sexual activity.
  • Compliment them, but don’t direct a sexual compliment on specific or exposed parts of their body.
  • Steer clear of vulgar topics.
  • Keep the conversation non-personal and non-offensive.

Where to Hire Brisbane Strippers

Visit the Candy Club for an unforgettable strip club experience. The club is known for their gorgeous women, fancy atmosphere, and an excellent drinks list. Make sure to bring with you the tips above when you visit for a fun night or when celebrating a bucks party.